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    4 soviet textbooks (1965-1978)

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    US contoured by 2014 Area Code Value [816 x 938]

  4. Tekhnika Molodezhi, or Technology for the Youth, was first published in Russia in 1933. Throughout World War II, its covers would often depict the weapons and technologies of war. After the war, it featured visions of deep sea exploration, gyrocopters and rocket cars, space capsules and lunar missions. This art offers a rare and fascinating insight into the pop culture depiction of futurism in mid 20th century Russia.


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    A light on Marmion’s visage spread,
    And fired his glazing eye

    A. Fredericks, from Marmion, by Walter Scott, illustrated under the direction of A. V. S. Anthony, Boston, 1885.

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    The Odessa Steps sequence in BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN

    Battleship Potemkin | Sergei Eisenstein | 1925

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    Lost In Translation | Sofia Coppola | 2003

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    • Dated: 16th century
    • Culture: Persian
    • Medium: Steel, ivory, gold, silver gilt
    • Measurements: Length 12 1/4 in. ( 31.12 cm) 

    The dagger features an inscription: on acanthus-shaped chape - mark of Turkish silver-smith stands: a) topline in Ottoman Turkish “I asked for water from your dagger-wielder if you would drink but one it will run (appear) from your side”, b) lower line in Persian "If I thirst his dagger is not laid down (does not descend) by my bloody desire no water will pass through this throat". 

    Source: © 2000–2013 The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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